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Attendance & Withdraw


If your child is going to be absent or arrive after 9:00 AM,

please call us at

513-831-5608. We will be concerned about your child if we do not hear from you.


It is expected that payment for care will be made each week your child is enrolled regardless of whether the child is actually in attendance. The exception is that after your child is enrolled for 1 year, 5 consecutive “vacation” days will be granted. This means that for these 5 days, payment will not be required. This will also apply for each calendar year thereafter.


A written notice, 2 weeks in advance, is required by the center when a child is being withdrawn. Failure to notify will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Transfer of Records

Whether transitioning to the next program setting or to a new classroom, your child’s records will be transferred internally.

If your child is transitioning to a new school, a written request from you with instructions to where the records should be sent is required.

Closing Due

to Weather

Should severe weather or other conditions (i.e., snow, storms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, loss of power, loss of water) prevent us from opening on time or at all, notification to the families will be announced by email, other internet-based media and news programs. If it becomes necessary to close early, we will contact you or your emergency contacts as soon as possible. Your child’s early pick-up is your responsibility to arrange.

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