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   Through our classroom design, playground design and Christian curriculum, it is this Center’s desire to maintain a joy-filled, peaceful, creative environment for infants and children.  We are committed to furnishing such an environment, adding a quality of childcare that is desirable and much needed in our community.


The relationships the infants, children, and families have with the staff are important to their growth and well-being at every level.  In that vein, staff will be equipped to foster positive relationships.


   It is of great importance for the peace of mind of parents, children, and staff that the environment is healthy, up to date and safe.



We strive to provide an environment, staff, and programs that will enhance and encourage the million dreams of each child, family and staff member.  We value spiritual, creative, intellectual and relationship growth.


Our Staff

Our staff is hired in compliance with the

State requirements and qualifications as a base minimum. 

Typical staff certifications are as follows: 


Lead Teacher:  at least 2 years experience


Teacher, Assistant/Aide:  Child care experience

Our Staff

A Million Dreams Staff

allie pic_edited.jpg

Allie FRank

Director of A Million Dreams & Parent

A Million Dreams Board

Board Pictures (8 of 16).jpg

Stephanie Judkins

Board Chair

Board Pictures (6 of 16).jpg

Brenda Forrest



allie pic_edited_edited.jpg

Kate Jordan

Director of A Million Dreams & Parent

Board Pictures (16 of 16).jpg

Kris Baker

Jr. High Teacher


Board Pictures (10 of 16).jpg

Don Hartley

Retired Education Administrator & Teacher

Board Pictures (2 of 16).jpg

Corina Atherton

 Director of Children & Family Ministry 


Board Pictures (14 of 16).jpg

Dean Judkins

Church Administrator


Board Pictures (4 of 16).jpg

Pastor Steven Rodgers

Lead Pastor of Milford First United Methodist Church

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